Hookah in the suitcase


We believe in providing only the best products to our customers, we offer the widest variety of shisha flavors and Herbal Shisha molasses from the biggest manufactures (sheesha) in the world so it's time to buy your own brand. We constantly keep our good eye open for new delicious, pleasing flavors,and have made it easy for you to choose between a sampler and specific shisha flavors that float your boat the most.

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  1. Charcoal Holders
  2. Hookah Vases
  3. Replacements
  4. Shisha Storage System

Although we would like everyone to enjoy smoking our hookahs, our patrons must be 18 or older. Our charcoals are custom designed for hookah use. Choose the quantity that best fits your current needs or stock up for later. We make it easy for you to choose and the price is always right.

Add some flare to your hookah with our specialized hose add-ons. We offer simple and luxurious Syrian hoses for home or restaurant/lounge use. Hookahs are not just all about shisha and smoking. We want to show you this culture with our special line of Hookah Environment products. A one-stop shop for all your Hookah shisha smoking needs. We offer high quality of hookah products from all shapes and sizes at the best prices available online.